What's a Poop MOOC?  Well, it's our new, FREE, massive open online course that will begin Oct. 6th and run for 6 weeks.  Rob Knight, Katie Amato, and I will walk you through the basics of microbiome research with four short lectures a week, which are accompanied by interviews from the experts in the field.  Our star-studded cast of interviewees includes Jack Gilbert (amazing to interview), Martin Blaser (new book out: Missing Microbes), and Michael Pollan (too many awesome books to list, and one of our most active American Gut participants), just to name a few...  

We are currently about 2/3 finished filming our lectures, and it has been a great experience so far.  I never thought I would do a photo shoot with giant fuzzy microbes (to illustrate Katie's alpha diversity lecture).  

Check out the promo and sign up!


Also check out this rad film series kick start by Root House Studios.