Microbiome analysis methods

Spring 2018 - ANEQ-581

Spring 2017 - ANEQ-581

Students will be provided with background knowledge and practical skills required for analyzing microbiome data sets.  This class includes 50 minutes of lecture and discussion followed by 100 minutes of hands-on analysis tutorial. Technical issues such as primer selection, OTU picking, rarefaction, and study effects will be discussed.  Students will need access to a laptop computer during the 100-minute analysis tutorial. Software required for the course will be installed on the first day of class.

Students are expected to have a foundational background in microbiology, ecology, statistics and genetics. This class is meant for students with 16S rRNA data sets in hand. For highly ambitious students who do not have their own data set, a data set will be provided by the instructor.


Microbiome working group seminar

Fall 2017 - ANEQ-781A1

The Microbiome Working Group seminar will meet once a week for 2 hours. For the Fall 2017 class, we focused on upgrading from QIIME1 to QIIME2.

qiime2 workshop

Nov 20-21, 2017

We hosted a 2 day, hands-on QIIME2 workshop led by Jamie Morton, Maggie Weinroth, and me. We had a full roster of 25 students, primarily from CSU, but also CU Denver. We will possibly host more of these in the future.